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Patient Experience Video

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  • Assess

    Determine personnel needs of floor. Determine HCAHPS starting point. Select unit for pilot. Set a goal for next quarter's score comparison.

  • Recruit

    Prepare recruiting campaign to find Patient Experience Specialists. Prepare job descriptions. Define team uniform. Provide budget and implementation timeline.

  • Train

    Conduct training for selected PES. Explain job tools and requirements. Review all support materials. Educate on HIPPA and customer service basics. Test PES and certify.

  • Implement

    Shadow PES on floor for a day. Help with additional training needs. Provide branded collaterals and PES tools. Meet with Head of Department to evaluate success and needs to improve.

  • Evaluate

    Evaluate change in HCAHPS score from previous quarter. Discuss further training needs. Evaluate training success or failure. Implement plan to add additional floors and more training.

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